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Australia's lighting up for National Wattle Day 2021

 From north to south and west to east, Australia's cities and towns are lighting up in yellow and green for National Wattle Day.

Is your local council lighting up its local bridges, monuments, fountains, and sculptures for Wednesday 1 September this year?  

If not make a request.

Townsville, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Launceston and Perth are joining in. Check out what's happening near you.

National Carillon Canberra by Robert Care 1 Sept 2020

National Carillon Canberra Photo: Courtesy Professor Robert Care

Matagarup Bridge Perth Main Roads WA

Matagarup Bridge Perth Photo: Courtesy Main Roads WA

Celebrate Australia's National Wattle Day on 1 September 

In 1992 the first day of spring - 1 September - was proclaimed by the Governor-General of Australia, Bill Hayden, to be Australia's National Wattle Day for everyone across Australia to celebrate at the same time. This was a unifying gesture as wattle days had been previously celebrated on many different dates in different states and territories from July to October.

National Wattle Day has yet to be declared a national holiday.

The first celebration of wattle day in more than one state on the same day took place, on 1 September in 1910 in NSW, Victoria and South Australia. And then with the First World War (1914-1918) and the desire to sell wattle sprigs to raise money for the troops overseas and later for maimed soldiers and women and children's charities, the date was changed to 1 August in NSW and other dates elsewhere to coincide with the best flowering of their local wattles from July (Qld) to late September (South Australia).

Want to know more about why we celebrate National Wattle Day?

National Wattle Day activities in your state or territory

Matilda Rose Levier

How you can celebrate National Wattle Day

There is no one way to celebrate National Wattle Day and you are only limited by your imagination.

You might like to:

  • WEAR a sprig of wattle or the uplifting colour of yellow
  • ORGANISE a picnic, lunch, morning/afternoon tea, BBQ or dinner for your family & friends
  • PLANT a wattle in your garden or wattles in a grove or revegetate a landscape
  • GO FOR A WALK to enjoy wattles in flower around your garden, suburb, nearby bush or arboretum
  • REQUEST your local council to light up landmarks in yellow and green on 1 September. (and then send us your  photos to display on this website)
  • ENCOURAGE your local markets to have a wattle theme in the lead-up to National Wattle Day - 1 September
  • SUPPORT your local primary school to celebrate the day.
  • CHECK OUT our 'For Schools' for ideas
  • SING a wattle song with the children in your life or recite a wattle poem
    'The Wattle Blooms' was composed and performed for the celebration of National Wattle Day by Her Excellency Mrs Linda Hurley (pictured below). 

Her Excellency Mrs Linda Hurley singing with students

The lyrics, recording and melody score for 'The Wattle Blooms' and other wattle songs can be found on our 'For Schools' pages.


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