Community causes

Fundraising for the Community

Wattle days, wattle badges and sprigs of fresh wattle have been used to raise funds to support help community causes since the First World War.

In 2010 the Wattle Day Association began making badges by hand to sell to raise money for the volunteers of the local rural fire brigades.Two years later we paid Dandy Designs Pty in Sydney to make them.with grant money we received from the Community Bank.

The Wattle Day Association badge designs from 2010 onwards are shown here.

Here’s a wonderful picture taken In Tasmania in 1914 on Wattle Day.

Searle, E. W. (1914). [Wattle Day, Maggie Moore’s stall, 1914 [Tasmania] Retrieved July 30, 2016, from


And over a century later, here’s a wattle stall at the National Arboretum Canberra (2015)

Fiona Eaton hands out a fresh sprig of wattle to a visitor
to the Arboretum’s Village Centre

Photo: S.D.Searle


Elizabeth and Randall Falkiner raise funds at a wattle-themed raffle
for the ACT Rural Fire Brigades at the Wattle Day Dinner held at the
Teatro Vivaldi Restaurant (2013)

This fund raising for the ACT’s volunteer firefighters was supported by the Community Bank.


This picture of the launch of the new partnership
between the Community Bank, the Wattle Day Association and
the ACT Rural Fire brigades was taken at the Bendigo Bank at the Curtin shops, Canberra in 2012.