Top 100 Ways to Celebrate National Wattle Day



  • Ask your local parliamentarian to promote the celebration of Australia’s National Wattle Day (1 September)
  • Buy a book about the wattles in your local area or region
  • Contact your local council to ask if they can light up your local landmarks in green and yellow for the evening of 1 September
  • Ask your council to celebrate the National Wattle Day
  • Ask your council to highlight your local wattle for National Wattle Day
  • Cook with wattleseed
  • Create a wattle design on your cupcakes
  • Pick some wattle
  • Have an Australian beer with friends or family
  • Collect wattle seed for sowing & planting
  • Collect coins with wattle on them
  • Display your wattle wood artworks. They may be made from Blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon) or Mulga (Acacia aneura)
  • Do some wattle craft with the kids
  • Draw a wattle in the sand at the beach
  • Dust and polish your Blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon) furniture
  • Eat wattle-seed chocolate
  • Eat wattle-seed ice cream
  • Encourage your local primary school to have a special assembly for National Wattle Day
  • Enjoy a special lunch with the ones you love


  • Visit spring festivals (Dalwallinu WA), Hurstbridge (Melbourne Vic.), Cootamundra NSW & Mt Morgan Qld) and markets (Old Bus Depot Markets, Kingston Canberra) with a wattle theme
  • Visit your local nursery
  • Visit your State Forest or National Park




  • Decorate a cake with a wattle-theme for morning or afternoon tea with friends and family
  • Decorate cupcakes with green and or yellow icing
  • Decorate your classroom with flowering wattle
  • Decorate your dog’s collar with yellow and green ribbons or fresh wattle when you go for a walk
  • Decorate your lunch and dinner tables with yellow napkins and vases of fresh or artificial wattle
  • Decorate your shop window with wattle


  • Find a bird’s nest in a wattle
  • Find early photos of people celebrating wattle days around Australia from 1910 onwards
  • Find out how Australian wattles are used around the world today – for land revegetation and for their wood, bark, flowers and seed
  • Find out how bees use wattle pollen to feed their brood back in the hive
  • Find out how long wattles can live
  • Find out the name of the tallest wattle
  • Find out the names of the different wattles on each of Australia’s five banknotes
  • Find out the names of wattles that have white, mauve, or red blossoms
  • Find out the year that wattle was first included on Australia’s Commonwealth Coat of Arms
  • Find out which medals for Australian honours include wattle in their design
  • Find out which wattles have foliage you can use to wash your hands – nature’s bush soap.
  • Find out why wattles are called legumes and how they return nitrogen to the soil
  • Find sporting clubs that include wattle in the design of their logos
  • Find wattle songs performed by Australian artists
  • Find which Australian military badges include wattle in their design
  • Finger paint wattles in green and yellow
  • Get out into nature and draw the wattles in your area


  • Go for a drive to find the best flowering wattle
  • Go for a walk to enjoy wattles in flower around your garden, suburb, nearby bush, arboretum, or botanic garden
  • Go to a wattle- themed festival
  • Go to a wattle-themed market
  • Greet friends and family with ‘Happy Wattle Day’
  • Hold your own Collectors Show to display and talk about anything that uses wattle as a design or is made from wattle.
    Invite a speaker about some aspect of wattle around 1 September (history, art, botany, landscape regeneration, habitat creation, soil improvement, wood turning & furniture, ecology, human food) to your local club


Eco markets wattle day Redland city


  • Invite your family and friends to a barbecue
  • Plan a bush tucker lunch for your friends and family
  • Involve your neighbours in community planting in your neighbourhood
  • Create a high tea with wattle-themed decorations for your friends
  • Invite your friends, family and neighbours to a street party
  • Picnic with your family and friends
  • Raise funds for a community cause through a special wattle day dinner
  • Put on an Australian play or poetry reading
  • Paint a wattle shrub or tree
  • Paint an old shirt the green and gold of the wattle and wear it on National Wattle Day
  • Paint your nails yellow and green
  • Photograph a bee or other insect on wattle blossoms
  • Photograph birds in wattle trees
  • Photograph the best flowering wattles that you can find
  • Photograph your dog against flowering wattle
  • Pick wattle for a vase to decorate your home
Matilda plants her first Golden Wattle at the Australian National Botanic Gardens


  • Make a wreath of wattle for your front door
  • Make some wattle pom poms using yellow yarn
  • Make wattle-themed handicrafts for your local handmade market
  • Make your own National Wattle Day badge
  • Make your own wattle perfume from the wattle’s floral oils


  • Plant a wattle in your garden or wattles in a grove or revegetate a landscape
  • Plant a wattle to improve the nitrogen in the soil
  • Plant wattle trees and shrubs around your school grounds every year
  • Plant wattles to create a low-allergy garden (because they are insect-pollinated and not wind-pollinated)


  • Post a photo of your favourite wattle on your social media
  • Post about what you did to celebrate wattle day when you were at primary school
  • Pre-treat & sow wattle seed to grow new plants for planting next Autumn
  • Prune and fertilise the wattles in your garden
  • Read a story about wattle
  • Read May Gibb’s Wattle baby stories to your children and grandchildren
  • Scent your home with fresh wattle in a vase
  • Send a card with wattle on it to a friend to wish them ‘Happy Wattle Day’
  • Showcase your collection of wattle memorabilia in your home or at a community meeting
  • Show-off your wattle tattoo
  • Sing a wattle song
  • Subscribe to a wattle interest group online
  • Suggest a wattle-themed meeting to your local community club (Probus, Rotary, View, Zonta etc.)
  • Use dry wattle wood for your barbecue
  • Use wattle wood utensils, kitchenware, chopping boards, trays to prepare and serve on National Wattle Day
  • Use wattle-decorated cups and saucers and plates for the day
School house Gallery Cleveland


  • Wear a sprig of wattle in your hair
  • Wear a sprig of wattle in your hat
  • Wear a sprig of wattle on your lapel
  • Wear a wattle badge
  • Wear a wattle brooch
  • Wear a wattle shirt
  • Wear a wattle-designed or yellow scarf
  • Wear Australia’s national colours of green & gold
  • Wear green and yellow earrings
  • Wear socks with a wattle design or colours
  • Wear wattle earrings
  • Wear yellow or green ribbons in your hair
  • Wish your friends and family happy a Happy Wattle Day via your social media


Erin Nugent wears wattle in her hair 27 August 2023 STEP


  • Join the movement to celebrate National Wattle Day at
  • Join a tour to learn about indigenous uses of wattle
  • Join a wattle walk in your local botanic garden
  • Join in some folk dancing
  • Learn a wattle poem
  • Learn the names of the wattles in your area that herald the coming of spring
  • Listen to a talk about wattles
  • Listen to a wattle song



  • Write a Letter to The Editor of your local newspaper about what is happening for National Wattle Day in your community
  • Write a story or poem on what you think National Wattle Day is or what the day means to you
  • Write a wattle-themed quiz
  • Write an article about National Wattle Day for your local community newspaper