Wattle Day Association Inc. Strategic Plan 2022 – 2025


Why we exist


The aims of the Wattle Day Association are to promote Australia-wide:

  1. National Wattle Day (1 September) as a celebration of Australia and its people; and
  2. The Golden Wattle (Acacia pycnantha) as our national floral emblem and a unifying symbol for all Australians.
  3. Wattles, in all their variety, as symbols of Australia


Key areas we will focus on to achieve our aims

The Association will focus on the following key objectives in 2022 – 2025:

Objective 1

Better articulate the meaning, significance and unifying role of Wattle and National Wattle Day, so we communicate with clarity, simplicity and impact.

To do this we will:

  • Articulate more fully and powerfully how Wattle unifies Australia and Australians
  • Grow and build the symbolism and recognition of National Wattle Day by advocating that Bravery and Order of Australia awards be announced on NWD.
  • Emphasise that NWD on the 1st of September (Spring) has strong links with the environment, care for the land and care for country.
  • Promote citizenship ceremonies on NWD
  • Engage with politicians on these aspects.


Objective 2

Build the WDA organisation – its membership and funding bases

To do this we will:

  • Seek a suitable major sponsor for financial support
  • Seek an appropriate Patron(s) and ambassadors – who will deliver status, guidance and influence for WDA
  • Complete the redevelopment of the WDA website and further develop our social media presence and resources to achieve greater presence and stronger promotion and reach
  • Build membership and organisational presence in other states/territories


Objective 3

Grow Public awareness of Wattle as the pre-eminent national symbol and National Wattle Day

To do this we will:

  • Be active and effective in promotional efforts
  • Engage with key stakeholder groups such as political leaders, State Governors and the Governor-General
  • Continue to pursue linkages and cross promotion through schools for tree plantings and celebrations that identify with the Australian Primary Curriculum
  • Promote walks through botanical gardens and arboretums that contain wattle plantings
  • Engage community organisations to celebrate NWD
  • Present WDA badges to politicians and councillors and encourage them to wear them on NWD and promote the day on their social media platforms.

April 2022