Decoration with fresh wattle flowers

WDA committee members, Suzette Searle (Vice-President) and Judy Tunningley (Treasurer) offering fresh sprigs of wattle for new citizens and their families and friends to wear during the citizenship ceremony
Photo: M. Tunningley

Photo: B. Goggin

A basket of wattle for presentation to dignitaries at the citizenship ceremony (above and below)
Photo: ©S.D. Searle

Photo: ©S.D. Searle

Katy Gallagher (MLA) with wattle basket presented to her as the presiding official, and WDA committee members Secretary Elizabeth Falkiner and President Terry Fewtrell

Lectern bouquet (below) by Dawn Searle

Photo: S.D. Searle


A basket of wattle (without handle) makes a colourful and symbolic
table decorations for morning and afternoon teas at citizenship ceremonies
Photo: ©S.D. Searle