A bit of wattle day history

The Queensland Wattle Day League (QWDL) formed in 1912.

Highlights from the fundraising activities of QWDL include

  • A scholarship to study overseas to Daphne Mayo, who went on to sculpt the tympanum over the entry to Brisbane City Hall and the Banjo Paterson statue at Winton
  • Funding of the Hospital Orthopaedic ward for returned service men missing limbs (now part of the RB&WH)

After branching out to help people with disabilities, the League became the Not-For-Profit organisation we know well today – Open Minds. Today, Open Minds is a registered NDIS provider and charity still based in Queensland, and its purpose is enabling a positive and independent future for people living with mental illness and disabilities.

Open Minds is a proud sponsor of the Wattle Day Association Inc.

To promote your National Wattle Day celebrations in Queensland on this website please email wda-qld@wattleday.asn.au


Queensland State Government

1 September – the pedestrian Kurilpa Bridge across the Brisbane River was lit up.


Queensland Art Gallery & Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA)

Located at the Southern end of the Kurilpa Bridge which will be lit up on 1 September

For National Wattle Day, QAGOMA has created a fabulous online  blog  ‘Wattle from the illustrations of May Gibbs to Ellis Rowan”  Enjoy the history and the artworks by clicking here

Memorial portrait of Mrs Ellis Rowan, flower painter and authoress 1926
John Longstaff, Australia 1861-1941
Collection: National Library of Australia

Plaque on frame reads: Memorial portrait of Mrs Ellis Rowan flower painter and authoress painted by Sir John Longstaff (from a photograph) subscribed for by the people of Australia

Brisbane City Council

Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner wearing the new Open Minds’ Wattle Day badge


1 September – the Story Bridge, the Victoria Bridge and Reddacliff Place statues were lit in yellow and green.

Victoria Bridge across the Brisbane River Story Bridge lit up in green and gold for National Wattle Day
Photo: Mike Gilmour Photo: Mike Gilmour

Reddacliff Place sculptures: Donna Marcus Steam 2006 at 266 George Street
Brisbane City (see below) were lit for National Wattle Day on 1 September 2021


Corinda State High School – Brisbane


L to R: Helen Jamieson – Executive Principal of Corinda State High School and Annette Beilby Senior Experienced Teacher,
in front of the Humanities Faculty student Noticeboard.

When asked why Corinda State High School was celebrating National Wattle Day (1 September), Annette Beilby replied:

‘It was the ABC’s so-Australian (as the wattle) “Australia All Over “ radio show [on 29 August] which aired news of National Wattle Day, bemoaning –“ Why weren’t teachers promoting this day as a uniting point both environmentally and culturally? So we are responding to this challenge.

The Humanities noticeboard was one way of educating our 2000 students about Wattle Day awareness. Quick wattle facts, quizzes and prizes were also held in several classes.

The wattle is part of the school’s emblem, flag and badge. Thus the school, founded in 1960, has had a long association with the Australian icon.

The Corinda School badge has four parts:
The Wattle Spray reminds us of the pride we should have for our country.
The Greek word for the wattle is “acacia” which means a point or spike.
It reminds us that our education is not always easy and pleasant, but there are often painful difficulties to overcome.
The two taken together show that learning covers time and the world from ancient Africa, the home of the mythical phoenix, to modern Australia.


Mt Coot-tha Botanical Gardens

Guided walks – during late Autumn and early Spring, guided walks took place at Mt Coot-tha Botanical gardens.

Mike Gilmour – Queensland Wattle Day Co-ordinator led two independent wattle walks to celebrate National Wattle Day

Mike Gilmour and some of those who joined him on a Wattle Walk
through Mt Coot-tha Botanical Gardens Brisbane on Sun. 29 Aug.


Mike Gilmour and fellow wattle-lovers on a Wattle Walk
through Mt Coot-tha Botanical Gardens Brisbane on Thu. 2 Sept 2021


Wattle seedlings
– Brisbane City Council (BCC) increased their stock of wattle seedling for the 2021 Spring.
Check the BCC website for your nearest stockist – Participating nurseries | Brisbane City Council

See if you can find the Queensland Silver Wattle, (pictured below) on your walks!

One of Australia’s most ornamental wattles – Acacia podalyriifolia (Queensland Silver Wattle, Mt Morgan Wattle)
Photo: © Suzette D Searle


Redland City

Wattle Walk at Indigiscapes on 29 August 2021

Walk photos courtesy of the IndigiScapes Collection

Indigiscapes went all out with lots of fun for everyone on 1 September Photos: Mike Gilmour and Indigiscapes

IndigiScapes Nursery (a Division of the Redland City Council)

17 Runnymede Road Capalaba


Wattle seedlings – IndigiScapes a wide variety and plentiful supply of wattle seedling stocks

Wednesday 1 September

– wattle chalk art featured on our entrance path, hand and face wattle motif painting, Sharma Deanne Design Artist was in residence for National Wattle Day, painting terracotta wattle pots and exhibiting her flora and fauna creations at the centre between 9am and 1pm.

The IndigiCafe featured wattle table displays and a special menu item, as well as wattle seed scones, biscuits, tea and cakes

Look here for more info

Saturday 4 September

IndigiScapes Eco Markets


Charters Towers

The Governor of Queensland, His Excellency the Honourable Paul de Jersey AC CVC (second from left) planted a wattle tree in Charters Towers at the All Souls St Gabriels School in celebration of National Wattle Day on 1 September

Back row: Governor of Queensland, His Excellency the Honourable Paul De Jersey AC CVO and staff; Lyn Prichard President CWA Charters Towers Branch

Front row L to R: All Souls St Gabriels School students: Piper Godfrey, Grace Turner, Clayne Musk, Tio Hensley



Craft morning tea



Mount Morgan

Mt Morgan Wattle Day Festival

Sunday, 12 September 2021 | 09:00 AM – 02:00 PM

Mt Morgan Wattle Festival

Photo courtesy of MMPAD

Mount Morgan Historic Rail Station & Visitor Information Centre,
1 Railway Parade, Mount Morgan QLD 4714,

More: https://www.mountmorgan.org.au/Events-directory/Mount-Morgan-Wattle-Day-Festival.

Russell Island

The Russell Island choir and supporters held various activities on the island to celebrate National Wattle Day


31st August and 1st September
The Toowoomba Regional Council – lit up the Victoria Bridge on 31st August and 1st September


Townsville lit up yellow and green 1-2 September 2021. Enjoy the night lights for National Wattle Day.

    • Townsville sign
    • Victoria Bridge
    • Wharton Reef Lighthouse
    • George Roberts Bridge
    • Old Magistrates Court House
    • Little Fletcher Bridge


The Townsville sign in yellow and green for National Wattle Day 1 September 2021
Photo: Gary Rebgetz


Earlier events in 2021

In the lead up to to National Wattle Day…Jill Don led a wattle walk:

Queensland’s Vulnerable Acacias

Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens, 18th July, 2021

Queensland’s acacias flower in these cooler months. We appreciate their beauty, symbolism, and  their incredible variety in colour, foliage and form.  Acacias also provide habitat, timber and food, and can help restore degraded landscapes.
Mt Coot-tha’s collection includes common species and others that are vulnerable.