Spirit of Wattle by Mike Gilmour

A land of many nations, with a multitude of voices
Where all are equal, free to follow dreams and lifestyle choices
Arrivals always welcome, with solutions clear and vital
And all are free to speak their mind, not fearing harsh reprisal

A country often breached by fire, long drought or flooding river
Not doubting its resilience, locals start afresh with vigor
Our forebears battled challenges, with trust in life’s equation
All shape the mateship creed and spirit that proclaims our nation

Our wattle, always sturdy through climatic devastations
And always set for growth, come drenching rain and inundations
And quick in Spring, to flourish its enduring floral splendour
With bursting buds of green and gold, for us to greet and tender

Acacia’s hardy species, found in sandy stony outback’s
With green beside our waterways, and shade on sunny backtracks
While lightly scented blossoms, emanate a gentle aura
The sprays of green create a graceful charm to golden flora

Our wattle, found in many foods and early cures for ailments
And proudly worn by sporting teams, with dreams of grand attainments
And rousing troops to stand and fight, and bravely guard our freedom
For victories in Green and Gold, we thank’em with good reason

Our wattle, sold in times before, by Wattle Day foundations
For scholarships to gifted locals, seeking higher stations
To help and heal our diggers, missing limbs and minds in trauma
And care for people battling mental illness, striving order

With Aussie pride and spirit, stimulating high achievers
And Golden Wattle prize awards, to honour noble leaders
Now, golden wattle on our Coat of Arms, post Federation
To light and guide this free, diverse and independent nation

Mike Gilmour 6 August 2020 © mgilmour92@gmail.com