The Wattle Way by George Kubitzky 2016

It’s almost Spring and hear the throng,
As various birds rejoice in song,

Around the track that winds along.

It’s called the Wattle Way.

Black cockatoos seen cruising by,

Dark silhouettes against the sky.

Oh listen to their plaintive cry,

Above the Wattle Way.

The green grass starts to thrive again,

From puddles formed by recent rain.

And the watercourse adds it’s refrain,

Beside the Wattle Way.

A kangaroo in placid pose,

With morning dewdrops on its nose.

But one false move and off it goes,

Down the Wattle Way.

And the wombat digging underground,

Is stirred by any foreign sound.

You know its home is easily found.

Beside the Wattle Way

The sky so clear and brilliant blue,

Compliments this golden hue.

That dominates your every view,

Along the Wattle Way.

So take the trek my valued friend,

Before September has its end,

It’s only up around the bend,

The wondrous Wattle Way