Wattle Day by Francis Duggan

Silver wattle (Acacia dealbata) flowering in the rain ©S. D. Searle

Wattle Day

In this great Land of Australia today is Wattle Day
And in South Gippsland in Victoria the morning sky is gray
On the first day of September the first of the calendar Spring
Upon the flowering wattle tree the gray butcherbird sing.

The colours of Australia as it often has been told
Were inspired by the green wattles in their flowers the color of gold
From mid Winter to early Spring it is a marvellous sight to see
The golden blossoms blooming on a lovely wattle tree.

Before dawn it was raining and a slight chill in the breeze
But the morning it is not cold around nine or ten degrees
And overnight across the parks and paddocks whilst many were asleep
The beautiful Goddess of Spring in her green dress into the Town did creep

She arrived without fanfare the Town band for her did not play
But the wild birds sang to greet her in the dawn of Wattle Day
The frogs sing in the roadside drain a sign that rain is near
But balmy days not far off since Spring herself is here.

Francis Duggan