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Her Excellency Wears Wattle on Australia Day

Her Excellency Mrs Hurley stands out as she sets a new trend, wearing a wattle print dress and yellow hat at the 2024 Australia Day Citizenship Ceremony by the shores of Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra. Mrs Hurley’s dress complements His Excellency’s Medal of the Order of Australia, that depicts a single wattle blossom, and his […]

Presentation of the Golden Wattle Award 2023 – 11 February 2024 in Canberra

Vanessa Alexander received the 2023 award for her truly life changing advocacy and activism on behalf of refugees escaping from Taliban-run Afghanistan. Vanessa has been responsible for saving scores of Afghan women and men, whose lives were at risk following the Taliban’s takeover in August 2021. For more information about why Vanessa has received this award,  […]

Wattle rarely causes pollen allergies

Harry Rose from South West Rocks, Australia

Wattle pollen is rarely the cause of hayfever or asthma. The persistent myth that it does, dispelled long ago by Australian immunologists, has been perpetuated with the help of self-serving advertising by some antihistamine marketing companies. And yet whenever there is talk of National Wattle Day as an alternative to Australia Day on 26 January, […]

Alternatives to Australia Day on 26 January – Have you considered Wattle Day?

In the lead-up to Australia Day, we once again find ourselves discussing other national days that have the potential to unify all Australians; from the most recent immigrants to the First Australians. Tammy Solonec’s thoughtful analysis published in 2014 hold true today as she examines why some options will not work and why others will: […]

Australia Day 2024 poses more than the usual challenges

Australia Day 2024 poses more than the usual challenges Terry Fewtrell January 26 poses more than the usual challenges in 2024. Barely 100 days since the failed referendum there is the real prospect of the respective advocates and supporters reigniting a process, the only real outcome of which was community division. There is the risk […]

25 Anniversary celebration of the Wattle Day Association inc.

The Wattle Day Association Inc. celebrated its 25th Anniversary on 16 November 2023. Present and former members of the committees gathered next to Lake Burley Griffin Canberra to toast this happy occasion and cut a special cake. Our aims are to raise awareness of two Australian government proclamations:  National Wattle Day is September 1 across […]

Why do we celebrate National Wattle Day?

Oly Buswell Manjimup WA

Australia’s National Wattle Day on 1 September has been an official national national day since 1992, although it was first celebrated in 1910. Wattle in all its variety symbolises optimism, resilience, renewal, diversity and unity. Australians have celebrated Wattle Day for different reasons over the last century including patriotism, a reminder of home for those […]

31st anniversary of National Wattle Day

The Hon Patrick Gorman MP, is Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister, and Assistant Minister for the Public Service Media release Friday 1 September 2023 “Celebrated on 1 September each year, National Wattle Day honours the Golden Wattle (Acacia pycnantha) as Australia’s national floral emblem. This year marks the 31st anniversary since the golden wattle […]